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We create "bad ideas!" Online retail concepts that impress by concept, brand name and a unique approach of catchyness. We target on the niche market.


BADIDEAS Creative Concept Factory

All about creating NEW online retail concepts, but also RENEW bestsellers!

HAPPY concepts

We live in our own happy simulation, so, we only create concepts that contribute to a growth in an already HAPPY WORLD!

CATCHY products

We target on very specific niche category products and markets, rather than multi product concepts. Already curious?


We stand out in creating the baddest ideas, craziest concepts, awesome domains to make BESTSELLERS!

RENEW bestsellers

Concepts that have already proven to be good can be renewed and improved to continue happy sales!

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BADIDEAS - Always different and AHEAD!

Yeah, we never follow the big pile of sheep and are more likely the DIVERGENT

When we say branding, you probably immediately think of big brands such as Coca-Cola. Not surprising, because this brand has taken care of their branding down to the last detail. What does that yield? That a product becomes indispensable in the lives of your target groups. But how do you ensure that a brand enters the market as a love brand?

We concentrate on new trends and well known products to serve strong basic needs of groups in the niche market. Just like Elon Musk representing the rebrand of the name Tesla, we did the same with rebranding the famous in 2017 seized darknet

The importance of branding

If the branding of the brand is right, a company will grow faster. Customers buy more at higher prices for longer. New colleagues prefer to work for you rather than for the competitor and business partners want to be associated with you.

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